Thoughts at 1:00 AM: Writing Keeps Me Alive

I want to cease to exist. And maybe you’ve read this many, many times here. Because when I do, my mind works. It suddenly stitches words together. Into sentences. Into paragraphs. Into stories. Until I finally finish one. Maybe writing has become both my defense and coping mechanism? I’m not sure. But it is theContinue reading “Thoughts at 1:00 AM: Writing Keeps Me Alive”

Negligence Leading to Missing Content

This is me, realizing that I wasn’t able to post a crucial part of one of my short stories, Crosswalk. I wrote the whole thing on Word before posting it on Wattpad. Then, I copied and pasted it. Simple as that. And no, I rarely reread my works when I have already posted them (unlessContinue reading “Negligence Leading to Missing Content”

A Thing or Two About My Recent Stories: Crosswalk, Pares, Tibok, and Lost and Found

What do you think about my writing? I felt that I’ve improved—in terms of technicalities and societal content. Working as an editor where I am rigorously trained in using Chicago helped me improve my writing style. And when I say societal content–wise, I mean being more careful on using offensive terms for “realism,” putting myContinue reading “A Thing or Two About My Recent Stories: Crosswalk, Pares, Tibok, and Lost and Found”

All in One Sigh

I didn’t think the day would come that I’d be choosing between being idealistic and being practical. Between my ideals and my gains. My younger self would always choose the former; that’s why I chose education as my college course. But finances and other tragic circumstances made me shift my career. Made me almost loseContinue reading “All in One Sigh”