Magical Day at Fantasy World and Bearseum

Christmas vacation was going to end soon, and although I didn’t have it since I was self-employed, I still pushed through my plans of going to Fantasy World and Bearseum, in Batangas and Cavite, respectively. There aren’t many activities to do inside, but you can unleash the child inside you and take pictures.

My Perfect Alone Time at Lilom Resort

Have you ever dreamed of traveling, enjoying tranquility by listening to the sound of the waves, watching the sunset . . . all by yourself? Well, I have, and I have sworn to myself that I will do this at least once a year. Of course, my father knew about this, and I have savedContinue reading “My Perfect Alone Time at Lilom Resort”

Villa Jovita: The Bali of the South

Villa Jovita, the “Bali of the South,” is a pool resort in Agoncillo, Batangas, known for their Bali corner and nonchlorinated pools. The resort’s nature vibe made talking a chore. Although there were chitchats by the entrance, other areas were silent, with the sound of the swaying bamboos calming the atmosphere. Because many people want toContinue reading “Villa Jovita: The Bali of the South”