Mood-Healing Restaurant in Maginhawa: Van Gogh Is Bipolar

One of the restaurants in my “to go to” list was Van Gogh Is Bipolar in Quezon City. It was a restaurant inspired by the prominent post-impressionist artist Van Gogh, who was, in fact, bipolar. I knew about it when a colleague posted a picture on Instagram, but after some research, I decided against going,Continue reading “Mood-Healing Restaurant in Maginhawa: Van Gogh Is Bipolar”

A “Pink Lovers, Unite!” Experience in Pink Bird

Love pink and unlimited Korean barbeque? Pink Bird got it. Employed with very accommodating staff, the newest unli-Korean barbeque place in Quezon City made sure I enjoyed my first time. I was not born for buffets and unlimited rice and meat meals, but as a goer for peach and pink stuff, I decided to try.Continue reading “A “Pink Lovers, Unite!” Experience in Pink Bird”