Little Bear Diner: A Simple but Elegant Restaurant Serving Good Indian Food

I have wanted to eat at Little Bear Diner in East Capitol way, way before because it seemed to have good cutesy vibes. Directions From the east, you can ride jeepneys with “Crossing” signs. Tell the driver to drop you at Kapitolyo. Cross the pedestrian lane toward Shakeys, walk toward Mercury Drug, and cross theContinue reading “Little Bear Diner: A Simple but Elegant Restaurant Serving Good Indian Food”

Karen’s Kitchen (Part 2)

I posted about Karen’s Kitchen before here and said I would go back—so there I was. I was able to take more pictures of what’s inside their restaurant. One side of the wall was instagrammable, the other side not so much. I ordered Mushroom Truffle with Angel Hair again (I swear, it’s a must-try). I alsoContinue reading “Karen’s Kitchen (Part 2)”

Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant

I’ve been here a lot of times, but I only had the courage to take pictures yesterday. Haha. Haru Sushi Bar is a Japanese restaurant located at 21 West Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig. It’s just across Max’s, and cars pass by often, so it’s very easy to see. They have excellent service, relaxing ambiance,Continue reading “Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant”

Brick Burger

Brick Burger is a LEGO-themed restaurant located at the second floor of Hampton Gardens Arcade in Maybunga, Pasig. We got an Uber to go there, but those coming from the East, tell the jeep to drop you off at Tramo. I think there are tricycles (or even jeeps) that could get you to the place.Continue reading “Brick Burger”