Draft Tweets about #Halalan2019 That Are Too Long, I Wrote a Blog Instead

Draft Tweet No. 1: On Voting Otso Diretso and Colmenares “Dilawan ka kaya iboboto mo Otso Diretso.” “NPA si Colmenares. Ba’t mo siya iboboto?” It’s not about the color anymore, nor is it about who is popular. We need people who are for the people, people not for one region but for the whole country. We haveContinue reading “Draft Tweets about #Halalan2019 That Are Too Long, I Wrote a Blog Instead”

Hay, Pilipinas

I’m a twenty-something millennial. Like most people my age, I am still confused with what I really want to do. Yes, I am a bit fucked up; I have anxiety and existential crisis, and I often rattle on my philosophies and beliefs. You will see me talk about hugots, puppies, and romantic love, a mixture ofContinue reading “Hay, Pilipinas”

When You Were Fourteen

Where were you? Where were you when you were fourteen? Around that time, I was a first year high school student at Rizal Science, the class president of I-Hope. All I had to think of was the welfare of our class and how not to get a grade lower than 85. Unfortunately, that was notContinue reading “When You Were Fourteen”