A Generation of Reactive People

I am guilty of this. One characteristic of a living thing is to respond to a stimulus. A reason we laugh when we find something funny. A reason we cry when we feel pain. A reason we react, even to circumstances that do not concern us, mainly because “we have to get this frustration out.”Continue reading “A Generation of Reactive People”

Re: Gray’s Answer on “Seeing Situations with a Silver Lining”

After this hullabaloo about different interpretations of Catriona Gray’s answer, I have concluded that yes, there is something about her answer that needs analysis. Let’s be honest, there is nothing beautiful about poverty. At the same time, it’s the best that she could give with a very limited time. More than that, she articulated itContinue reading “Re: Gray’s Answer on “Seeing Situations with a Silver Lining””

Support Your Artist Friends by Paying Them

Support your artist friends by paying them, not by asking them to draw you something for free. I asked a friend to make a logo for my pen name. I knew he was capable and, more than that, accessible. When I told people that I paid for him, they would ask me how much. ButContinue reading “Support Your Artist Friends by Paying Them”


Maybe some of my students have watched that game, thinking it’s all right to gang up on someone because “eh siya naman kasi nag-umpisa” or “di naman kami nanguna.” “Ganyan talaga ang basketball.” “Ganyan talaga sa Pilipinas.” “Ganyan talaga sa sports.” “They just showed brotherhood.” No. Well, at least we should know it shouldn’t be like that.Continue reading “Re: FIBAWC PHI-AUS”