How to Mass Replace Single Opening Quotation Marks to Apostrophes for Contractions

I’ve been researching on ways how to change a single opening quotation mark to an apostrophe, but to no avail. It would really help a lot of Filipino editors and authors, especially writers like me who use yun, wag, no before, not knowing that these are misspelled. It’s okay if you write this way. WeContinue reading “How to Mass Replace Single Opening Quotation Marks to Apostrophes for Contractions”

Negligence Leading to Missing Content

This is me, realizing that I wasn’t able to post a crucial part of one of my short stories, Crosswalk. I wrote the whole thing on Word before posting it on Wattpad. Then, I copied and pasted it. Simple as that. And no, I rarely reread my works when I have already posted them (unlessContinue reading “Negligence Leading to Missing Content”

What Editing My Previous Works Made Me Realize

I won’t cross-post this on Twitter, as this may contain spoilers on my novel Siya. I am currently editing Siya, particularly Siya at Kami, as this will soon be published. There’s this chapter where Geanne becomes pregnant with Migs, and Kai, my lead character, stopped her from doing so. Although Kai told Geanne that itContinue reading “What Editing My Previous Works Made Me Realize”

Editorial Style: Pronunciation Spelling

As an editor, I was trained not to edit dialogues to retain the realism of whatever language the character speaks, only recasting for clarity if necessary and changing obvious typographical errors. However, I make exceptions when the whole manuscript is problematic, meaning even the narrative paragraphs are written poorly. For example, my style is toContinue reading “Editorial Style: Pronunciation Spelling”