Anxious About Tomorrow (Sigh)

Maybe the world really started to end in 2012, ano? I mean, an ending doesn’t have to be in a snap, right? Minsan it’s a slow, fucking painful torture. Being on Twitter more often than on Facebook allows me to get in touch with what’s happening in the country and around the world. Mas gustoContinue reading “Anxious About Tomorrow (Sigh)”

“I Told You So”

I’m sure most—if not all—who voted for Du30 are now regretting it. So while it’s very satisfying to say, “I told you so,” please refrain from doing it. We all want a peaceful country where all our rights are protected. Most of us voted FOR the country. They were blinded by “Fight me, China” words,Continue reading ““I Told You So””

When You Were Fourteen

Where were you? Where were you when you were fourteen? Around that time, I was a first year high school student at Rizal Science, the class president of I-Hope. All I had to think of was the welfare of our class and how not to get a grade lower than 85. Unfortunately, that was notContinue reading “When You Were Fourteen”