A Princess for One Day at Nuel Cafe

In the middle of the busy streets of Mandaluyong lies the El Magistrado Building where this very majestic cafe called Nuel Cafe resides. I am in awe that I have only known this now when it has been around since last year, and they were even rewarded by Q Asia for their excellent service. IContinue reading “A Princess for One Day at Nuel Cafe”

Treskul Records Cafe: Find Cool Vinyl Records and Good Food

Because of technology, vinyl records have long been “out of the norm,” now replaced by digital music. However, for other music enthusiasts, vinyl records bring an experience that Spotify cannot. Luckily, Treskul Records Cafe not only makes this possible but also offers their customers the vintage vibe they want. Directions There are no commuting guidesContinue reading “Treskul Records Cafe: Find Cool Vinyl Records and Good Food”

For DC Universe Fans: DC Super Heroes Cafe

Hardcore fans of the DC Universe must have gone to DC Super Heroes Cafe (though Merriam spells it as superheroes) when they opened last June. As a moviegoer and a cafe hunter, not really a DC fan though, I would not miss this. So two months after their opening, c’mon, Marvel, where’s yours? Place What do you expect fromContinue reading “For DC Universe Fans: DC Super Heroes Cafe”