Love Cakes? Visit Bunny Baker

I had been looking for this place ever since I became fond of blogging about cafes. But even when I was still working in Makati, my attempts failed. I would take a quick tour from Glorietta to Rustan’s but to no avail. It was when I had the whole afternoon to figure out where BunnyContinue reading “Love Cakes? Visit Bunny Baker”

The Coffee Project: A Chill Spot near Greenbelt

December 2019 Update: I just learned last September 2019 that the Villars own Coffee Project. While this cafe is very aesthetic, I highly recommend supporting other coffee shops owned by families who are not detached to the suffering of our farmers. Thank you. I am emphasizing that it’s near Greenbelt because my friend and IContinue reading “The Coffee Project: A Chill Spot near Greenbelt”

Playing with Neon at Filling Station Bar Cafe

Filling Station Bar Cafe is located in Poblacion, Makati. Unfortunately, DSLRs aren’t allowed, but we were able to take one picture before we were reprimanded (I asked beforehand in their FB page if DSLRs were allowed, and they said yes as long as it was for personal use). But anyway, I was there for theContinue reading “Playing with Neon at Filling Station Bar Cafe”

Tsuruki-En Garden and Milk & Sunny

  Tsuruki-En Garden is a part of Washington Sycip Park near Greenbelt Mall in Legaspi Village, Makati. I was surprised the first time I saw this since it was at the heart of one of the busiest parts of Makati. Currently, the whole park is being renovated, but the garden is still available to view.Continue reading “Tsuruki-En Garden and Milk & Sunny”

Fun Friday at Ludo Boardgame Bar and Cafe

Last Friday, our office went to Ludo Boardgame Bar and Cafe along Jupiter Street in Makati. They have a wall intended for a shelf with board games, much larger than Laruan Atbp. We played Cards Against Humanity and Joke Hazard, though I enjoyed the latter more. And then the rest of the time, I wasContinue reading “Fun Friday at Ludo Boardgame Bar and Cafe”