Carpentry and Coffee: A Neat Coffice in Cainta, Rizal

Coffice is a term used for cafes that can almost be your own office, and I’m glad that I found one only a few kilometers away from home. Carpentry and Coffee appeared on my Instagram feed after I followed #cafeph, and as a cafe hunter, I was willing to visit their place and try their food.Continue reading “Carpentry and Coffee: A Neat Coffice in Cainta, Rizal”

My Cozy Tambayan: Pageturner Cafe

As you may all know, I live in the town of Cainta in Rizal province. I’ve been looking for cafes to feature here on my blog not only to help cafe hunters find a new place to explore but also boost our town’s popularity, even in my own way. Near our residence is Pageturner Cafe,Continue reading “My Cozy Tambayan: Pageturner Cafe”

Travel Plans and Coffee Combo at Era Travel Cafe

  Recently, it has been my hobby to look for hidden Instagram-worthy cafes in Rizal, especially in Cainta, my hometown. It was timely that I discovered Era Travel Cafe, a relaxing travel-themed cafe near Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, best for individuals who need a chill spot to plan their next travel. Eradventure Travel andContinue reading “Travel Plans and Coffee Combo at Era Travel Cafe”

A Night at Cafe at Sunset

Update: Cafe at Sunset is now closed. Two years ago, I have discovered this cafe called Cafe at Sunset in Brookside Hills Subdivision, Cainta, Rizal (just a ride near my home). I decided to take a peek (1) if it still exists and (2) how it looks like now. Directions If you’re coming from Antipolo,Continue reading “A Night at Cafe at Sunset”