Emotional after Rewriting 548 Heartbeats

Here's the link to 548 Heartbeats: https://www.wattpad.com/story/7858421-548-heartbeats. What to expect: Dialogue tags Clearer perspectives (Rai and Kyle, most especially) No song lyrics, but I embedded Youtube links Timeline changes to fix plot holes I am not cross-posting this on Facebook or Twitter as I needed to vent, which I am only allowing my WordPress followers to … Continue reading Emotional after Rewriting 548 Heartbeats

“Stop Romanticizing Cheating in Novels”

"Stop romanticizing cheating." But people often interchange "romanticizing" to "including." Note that to romanticize means "idealize"; hence, "romanticizing cheating" may mean "glorifying cheating." Example of this plot: a leading man with a "bitchy girlfriend" fell in love with a "kind heroine." Not an example: a person who was cheated on tries to move on but is anxious about … Continue reading “Stop Romanticizing Cheating in Novels”