How to Mass Replace Single Opening Quotation Marks to Apostrophes for Contractions

I’ve been researching on ways how to change a single opening quotation mark to an apostrophe, but to no avail. It would really help a lot of Filipino editors and authors, especially writers like me who use yun, wag, no before, not knowing that these are misspelled.

It’s okay if you write this way. We all learn. Hehe. Learned about this in 2016.

I have searched the entire internet, only to waste three hours finding for a nonexistent solution. There are, however, answers to “how to change straight quotes to curly quotes,” but it’s not what I’m looking for.

After a few tries, I found a way. Yay! But first, let me explain why you need to replace single quotation marks with apostrophes anyway.

The Apostrophe and the Single Quotation Mark

Apostrophes are used not only to indicate possession (e.g., Rika’s cat, Rii’s notes) but also to replace omitted letters. For example in Yo, sis, Ally is singin’, the apostrophe replaces letter g in the word singing.

You use single quotation marks depending on the style you prefer. Most American English novels use Chicago, so dialogues are enclosed in double quotation marks, and dialogues within dialogues are enclosed in single quotation marks. For British English, it’s the other way around. Placement of punctuation marks is another topic.

Apostrophes and quotation marks, whether single or double, are curled. Straight quotes are only used to denote symbols for minutes, seconds, feet, and inches.

Unfortunately, WordPress automatically converts apostrophes to single opening quotation marks when the letters at the beginning of a word are removed (you can check my previous blog to see some examples). Wattpad also uses straight quotes as a default, which is fine, as in typewriters. However, if you plan on professionally publishing your material, following the correct punctuation is highly recommended.

Steps on Mass Replacing Single Opening Quotation Marks to Apostrophes

Disclaimer: I have only tested this on Microsoft Word 2013, but higher versions should work as well.

Step 1: Open your file and click File > Options > Proofing > AutoCorrect Options.

Step 2: Click AutoFormat As You Type and uncheck “Straight quotes” with “smart quotes”

Step 3: In the same window, click the other AutoFormat tab and also uncheck “Straight quotes” with “smart quotes”

Step 4: Click OK twice. Now here’s the tricky part. Go to Insert > Symbol > More Symbols.

Step 5: Look for the Right Single Quotation Mark symbol. It should be curled, facing left. (Trivia: If you look for the apostrophe, it’s actually straight. Weird, right?) Don’t copy from the apostrophes in your word document. It will automatically read as an opening single quotation mark, and your efforts will be futile.

Then, click Insert.

Step 6: The symbol should appear in your document. Cut it by pressing Ctrl + X

Step 7: Press Ctrl + F to open the Navigation tab. Click the down arrow and then Replace.

Step 8: In the Replace tab, Click More. So you wouldn’t replace the word existing within another word (for example, yun in yunit), you have to check Match case and Find whole words only.

Step 9: Type the misspelled word in the Find what box. Then, paste the symbol by pressing Ctrl + V in the Replace with box before typing the correctly spelled word. Then, click Replace All.

Sample Result:


  1. Because you clicked Match case, you have to do this another time for capitalized words.
  2. Don’t do this with no and to, as in the contraction for ano and ito, especially if you have the existing English words no and to in your file.
  3. And to preserve realism, review texts and private messages and revert the changes. Rarely do people type ’yong and ’wag in messages.

Let me know if these worked for you.


Day 50 of Quarantine

So I’ve been having a lot of ups lately, and this is thanks to the books I’m reading, the shows I’m watching, the artists I adore, and my readers who keep on cheering me up.

Weight Loss

I’ve been eating egg and tuna for more than a month.

I love cheat days because it’ll be the only time I can order from Army Navy and Bacsilog, the only two food establishments that can deliver in our area. May Jollibee and McDo naman, but I avoid deep-fried foods as much as possible.

And because of my editing work, nasira exercise routine ko. I’ll be back on it tomorrow. It has been two weeks!

But still, even without exercise, I lost a kilo or so. I started 65 kilograms, overweight and weak. I have a lot of health issues a year ago (it’s almost a year na pala!) But now I’m 50 kilograms. Proud lang ako because I was able to discipline myself. Although bumabalik na naman ang unhealthy routine ko because of the anxiety that this quarantine is causing me. Still, kapit lang to my promise last year: “No matter the time, no matter the day, I can always start fresh. Start your change now.”

Challenging Textbook Editing Work

I’m 95% done with the textbook I’m editing. Hay. I am only supposed to look at the content and the language used, but I can’t stop myself from analyzing the pedagogical methods as well. Grade 1 pa lang sila. They don’t know the words accountability and rain gauge yet. They’ll be having science in grade 3, so why put rain gauge and wind vane in a grade 1 textbook? How to answer WH questions are tackled in grade 2, so they can’t basically answer why and how questions yet. One activity even asked the pupils to go house to house. These are things that authors tend to overlook, and it’s my work as a developmental, content, and language editor to ensure the book is appropriate for grade 1 learners. Kaya mas gusto ko ang tumingin ng junior and senior high textbooks, e. I had to go back and forth from kinder to grade 1 to grade 2 curricula just so I’m sure that the content they’re discussing is grade 1 appropriate.

Nakaka-stress, but I love my work. Editing plus education plus writing. A win-win for me. Nga lang, the frustrating part really comes after I submitted this. Most authors would ignore the comments and return it to me with “We don’t have time to edit this anymore.”

Readers’ Kalat

I follow readers on Twitter. Sa kanila ko nakukuha ang mga susunod kong babasahin. I realize how powerful feedback and recommendations are, at na opposite pala ako ng most Xvisionists (hahaha) who reads whatever is there. Ako naman, I heavily rely on recommendations.

I have a reader who creates threads of what she reads, and I read them one by one. Interesting lang to know what parts they find interesting in the novel they’re reading.

Also, natutuwa ako sa kalat nila. I need that in my life, I guess. Haha. Kasi I’ve been working from home for two or so years already, and their kalat tweets entertain me.

Wattpad Novels and Published Books

Sabi ko, isa-isa lang kasi ang dami kong gustong basahin. I want to read an ongoing novel and a published book one at a time. Currently, I’m reading Reaching Through on Wattpad. It’s about a male college student liking another student of the same sex. What intrigued me, though, is its religious parts. As many may already know, I am not part of any religious group anymore. But these readings keep my mind open. Natutuwa ako kasi I find myself arguing with the character. I wonder how the author (hi, Zyron) plans to take this.

Abangers din ako sa Novel ni Jhing Bautista na The Fall of Icarus. I remember I was super down when she published it. It was my saving grace. I think it was around July last year when she published it, tama ba? Ang tagal na pala. Haha! But the first chapters really stuck to me, kaya when she announced that she was coming back, napa-comment ako, in all caps.

Sa published, I’m reading Field Guide: Love and Other Natural Disasters by Six de los Reyes. Super favorite Filipino romance author ko talaga siya. The way she puts fields of study is so, pa’no ba, captivating? I am such a sucker for scientific and mathematical jargon used in novels. Natigil nga lang ang pagbabasa ko because of the editing work.

Sana sunod-sunod na. One Wattpad novel, one published novel. Please, kayanin mo, self.

Own Writing

Gusto ko lang sabihin na I’m proud of myself for finishing an English novella. It was my first time to write that way. Nakakapurga ng brain cells. Hahaha! I mean, I usually write in English, but I’m really more comfortable writing in Tagalog when it comes to my novels. But I wanted it to be as romantic as it could, just like how Six de los Reyes would do it. Hehe (sobrang lodi). I tried my best. My beta readers liked it, but I still have to wait for an announcement if this project will push through.

Sabi naman, it will.

Also, rainbows! I’m excited for this. Sana kaya. Sana maging successful. I’m anxious about it, really. Tibok is inspired by my lesbian friends, the movies I’ve watched, the storied I’ve read, my own experience, and many more. Matagal ko na gustong magsulat ng gano’n, to be honest. But people know me as a teen fic writer, at takot ako na baka mamaya, may mali akong masulat or it would come off as awkward. That’s why I’m super happy to have lesbian and bisexual readers read it and say they could relate to Kayi’s and Kabi’s struggles. Kasi para sa atin talaga ‘yon. I hope I was able to represent them well, and ngayon pa lang, I’m thankful for my wlw readers. I’ll be writing maybe two more wlw: a short story and a fantasy novel. Sana, sana!

I also started writing All That Poison again. Nakakatuwa when readers find the Easter eggs! Ganito pala feeling ni Taylor Swift. Haha! Like, it’s not required that you find them, but they’re there, waiting to be discovered. Super cool that I have STEM and pre-med readers who know what I’m talking about. It’s scary hahaha because I had to research about these things for a week.

Siyempre, Tossed Coin. I miss Cherry, Gab, Jet, and Anya. At grabe, the memories I have this person rushed like a flood. Diyahe that debut scene. Do I really have to write it word per word? Nakakaloka ang eighteen-year-old self ko? Hahaha. Ito rin ang katangahan ko, e. I immortalized a person I want to forget. Sinong tanga? Para akong ‘yong mga characters ko. Nakakagigil.

Ang daming nakapila. I want to start them naaaaa, but I have to be patient. Hindi rin kasi ako kumportable na marami akong ipopst and then get overwhelmed. Isa-isa lang.

Write on your own pace and remember your why, Peach. I love you. (Kilig ako. Hahaha. Yes, I should really do that more often.)

Fangirling Over Artists on Twitter . . . and Halsey

Iyon lang. I also fangirl over a lot of artists lately. It started with Hunghang Flashbacks and Malayo Pa Ang Umaga. And because they also retweet good stuff, I was able to know many artists. Kaya perfect talaga si Aiden, e, because I’ve always admired artists since I was a kid. I’ve accepted the fact that I can’t be one hahaha! I can’t apply shadow properly (I suck at it so much!)

Also, MPAU’s posts are scary af. Alam ko namang I’m a sissy, but when it comes to art, favorite ko ang gore and horror. Haha, labo ko.

Lagi na lang ako frustrated. Frustrated dancer. Frustrated singer. Frustrated artist. Sabi nga nila, a jack of all trades. But whatever. I want to be my own queen. I’ll practice and practice and do these things using the best of my abilities. Recognition is just a bonus. Gusto ko lang talaga sumaya at maging kuntento sa sarili ko.

And yes, stan Halsey!


This is how I cope with the quarantine. I try to make myself busy (also, wala rin akong choice because it’s my work), away from the stress that is the national government. I stopped commenting because, ewan, I lost hope on them already. Kaya rin siguro I made an alter acct kasi sometimes the anger gets too overwhelming that, you know, I still need to type it away because it’s how I cope. But yes, I’m still mad. Raging mad.

It has been fifty days, mga par, but I don’t think we’re ready to leave our houses and just go back to normal on May 15. Basta, until the end, I’ll put empathy in mind.


Peach [Insert Verb Here]

Ang dami ko na namang gusto gawin sa buhay.

Gusto ko matuto ulit sumayaw. Tipong gagawa ako ng interpretative dance ng “killing boys” ni Halsey tapos magpapapansin ako sa kanya.

Gusto ko kumanta at maggitara at irekord ang mga ginawa kong kanta. Pinakinggan ko ‘yong isa no’ng isang araw. Lumaki pala ang boses ko? Haha, oo, lumaki na ‘to sa lagay na ‘to.

Gusto ko mag-model-modelan. Alam ko namang hindi ako model figure, pero bakit ba? Lately lang ako nawalan ng pake sa physical appearance ko, well, slight. Tapos ang dami kong nasa isip na gawing pose.

Gusto ko rin matuto mag-flat lay. Sobrang gagaling magflat lay ng mga tao. Excited ako bumili ng mga brown shiz na ginagamit ng Lathala Press hahaha. Saan kaya ‘yon, Papemelroti? Ewan, hanap na lang. Masarap din naman mag-shopping.

Gusto ko magsulat. Magsulat nang magsulat hanggang sa ubos na ang mga ideya sa utak ko. Pero natapos ko na ang TEOCBATDDOAM, at medyo sad kasi ang kaunti lang ng nakakabasa (for beta reading pa lang kasi) so hindi ako makakilig over their comments. May dalawa pang gxg stories at HEA stories in line. Magagawa ko kaya lahat ‘to?

Gusto ko magbasa. May binabasa akong mga bagong istorya sa Wattpad ngayon. Iyong isa, medyo seryoso. Iyong isa, naaalala ko kung paano ako sumulat dati. Haha! Ang cute (may mga emoticon pa). Pero one chapter a day lang puwede or else wala na naman ako magagawa.

Gusto ko mag-drawing. Ang dami kong konsepto tungkol sa Matatakutin series ko. Gusto ko na bumili ng notebook na walang linya haha (at hindi ko na gagawing pang-solve ng trigonometric identities during free time, promise). Pero c’mon, pahinging talent.

Gusto ko magpaka-fangirl sa mga artists na fina-follow ko sa Twitter. Like total fan girl. Lately, bumibili ako ng artworks. Sobrang crush ko talaga lahat ng artists. Feeling ko sa next Komiket tapos makikita ko silang lahat, sasabog ako.

Gumawa rin ako ng alter Twitter account para sa makalat na ako because why not. Sobrang dami kong persona na gusto gampanan, na minsan, hindi ko na alam kung sino ang tunay ako.

Pero ito siguro talaga ang tunay ako—’yong maraming gusto gawin. Kulang ang 24 oras, kasi may editing work pa ako sa isang textbook.

Minsan it gets overwhelming. Pero hindi ko pa rin maiwasan ma-excite.

At sa mga taas-baba-taas episodes na ‘to, excited na rin ako magpa-appoint sa therapist. Gaano ko kaya katagal mapapanatili ang state na ‘to bago ako bumagsak ulit?


Dot ePubs

Is there no way out of the mind?

Sylvia Plath, “Apprehensions”

Once I’m done writing and editing each of my stories, I’m bringing my soft copies back. Except for published ones, of course. But not as PDFs, though. Maybe as ePubs, so people could still read offline using a suitable app.

As gift, probably.

For what, who knows.

I wish there were a way out of the mind.

Somebody Told Me to Get a Therapist

Tita, we’re on quarantine. I could have gone to my therapist if I had the time. I’m not even sure who to go first after this.

The dermatologist? My face is breaking out.

The dentist? Why am I having jaw pains?

The therapist? Probably. I might break again soon.

I’m tired of hearing you say I don’t pray. I pray. But it’s not always all the time that God answers people. The All-Knowing, All-Powerful is there, waiting. Watching. Probably. But I cannot rely solely on this presence to save myself from the madness I am becoming.

I have to fucking fight on my own.

How hard is this to understand?