Magical Day at Fantasy World and Bearseum

Christmas vacation was going to end soon, and although I didn’t have it since I was self-employed, I still pushed through my plans of going to Fantasy World and Bearseum, in Batangas and Cavite, respectively. There aren’t many activities to do inside, but you can unleash the child inside you and take pictures.

Twelve Places for Two Days and One Night in Baguio

There are so many places to explore and activities to do in Baguio that a week wouldn’t be enough. I’ve been there last 2017 to attend a wedding, and I was only able to visit BenCab Museum, Burnham Park, Rancho House in Ketchup Food Community (now closed), Mines View Park, Session Road, and Good Shepherd.Continue reading “Twelve Places for Two Days and One Night in Baguio”

My First International Trip: Hong Kong Escapades

Surprisingly, I enjoyed my local trips more than my trip in Hong Kong, maybe because I am more of a beach and cafe person, and of course, though I had access on them, everything was just more expensive there . . . even coffee. However, nothing can replace the thrill of traveling with my friendsContinue reading “My First International Trip: Hong Kong Escapades”

My Kind of OctoberPHest: Waves in San Juan and Tourist Spots in San Fernando La Union

San Juan, La Union, is known for its beaches providing just the perfect waves for surfing. Though I wasn’t primarily there to surf, I witnessed many locals and foreigners alike in San Juan’s Urbiztondo Beach riding along the waves. Since we had other objectives to fulfill in the morning of Day 1, I only had the chanceContinue reading “My Kind of OctoberPHest: Waves in San Juan and Tourist Spots in San Fernando La Union”