Experience Southern Europe at Venice Grand Canal Mall

I have been to Venice Grand Canal Mall⁠—a mall in Mckinley Hill that is heavily inspired by Italy⁠—a few times already, but I haven’t written a full blog about it. One rainy day in September, I decided to go there just to see if there were changes since the last time I visited (2017). TheContinue reading “Experience Southern Europe at Venice Grand Canal Mall”

Tom’s World “Photoshoot”

I just wanted my ball to land on white at Colorama, get 50 tickets from Magic Ticket, win consistently using Alisa in Tekken, and get something from the token machine. I ended up having a photo shoot, almost breaking every machine I played. You know what’s frustrating? I chose red (the largest in Colorama), andContinue reading “Tom’s World “Photoshoot””