Pixcone: Ice Cream, Anyone?

I’ve been looking for instagrammable spots around my town and was lucky to discover Pixcone in Taytay, Rizal, an ice cream shop near a hospital where my father and I are “frequent, loyal customers.” Really, why have I found this only now? Directions Lucky for me, I only had to cross from Primark Town CenterContinue reading “Pixcone: Ice Cream, Anyone?”

But Really, Esther, Where Is the Lost Bread?

The first time I heard of The Lost Bread, I thought it was a bakery. But after coming across one stall in SM East Ortigas and knowing that it serves french toasts and its main product are sub-zero milkshakes . . . I now wonder its origin. Why “The Lost Bread”? Did the founder happenContinue reading “But Really, Esther, Where Is the Lost Bread?”

Their Milkshake Brings All the Pastel Lovers to the Yard: Starr’s Famous Shakes

Pastel colors and good milkshakes? Yep, I’m definitely going there. We didn’t intend to go here at first, but since its colors and seemingly tasteful milkshakes had magnetized me, we decided to try it. Directions If you’re from the east, ride any Cubao jeep and tell the driver to drop you at Katipunan. From Katipunan,Continue reading “Their Milkshake Brings All the Pastel Lovers to the Yard: Starr’s Famous Shakes”

Buy Happiness in a Cup in Elait Ice Cream Shop

I have loved ice creams ever since birth. It is my go-to and comfort food for all emotions. I have tried different ice cream shops and stands, but Elait is one of a kind. I’ve been here last July 3, 2018; while this seems to be long overdue, I schedule posts, so this should haveContinue reading “Buy Happiness in a Cup in Elait Ice Cream Shop”