Que Sera, Sera

I miss my mom so much. I could still remember every moment we had together in her last two weeks in the hospital. I could still hear her voice telling me to wipe her mouth, and I could still see her lovely smile when I told her I loved her. I remember praying to allContinue reading “Que Sera, Sera”

“Deep Down” Goodness

Let’s define terms here first. A good person “deep down” will not hurt—not even think—someone in any manner at any point of his/her life. Deep down refers to one’s soul or at the back of one’s mind. I believe in change but not with “Deep down, you’re a good person.” You can clean up that stain, but youContinue reading ““Deep Down” Goodness”

We Are Made of Choices

Life has hit me hard these days. I asked questions and expected answers, but they never came. I got tired, quitted on questioning, and just welcomed the pain. I welcomed the pain for the happiness that was left. And to constantly remind myself about it, I changed my wallpaper to: Don’t ask. Just take itContinue reading “We Are Made of Choices”