Peach [Insert Verb Here]

Ang dami ko na namang gusto gawin sa buhay. Gusto ko matuto ulit sumayaw. Tipong gagawa ako ng interpretative dance ng “killing boys” ni Halsey tapos magpapapansin ako sa kanya. Gusto ko kumanta at maggitara at irekord ang mga ginawa kong kanta. Pinakinggan ko ‘yong isa no’ng isang araw. Lumaki pala ang boses ko? Haha,Continue reading “Peach [Insert Verb Here]”

Somebody Told Me to Get a Therapist

Tita, we’re on quarantine. I could have gone to my therapist if I had the time. I’m not even sure who to go first after this. The dermatologist? My face is breaking out. The dentist? Why am I having jaw pains? The therapist? Probably. I might break again soon. I’m tired of hearing you sayContinue reading “Somebody Told Me to Get a Therapist”

Thoughts at 1:00 AM: Writing Keeps Me Alive

I want to cease to exist. And maybe you’ve read this many, many times here. Because when I do, my mind works. It suddenly stitches words together. Into sentences. Into paragraphs. Into stories. Until I finally finish one. Maybe writing has become both my defense and coping mechanism? I’m not sure. But it is theContinue reading “Thoughts at 1:00 AM: Writing Keeps Me Alive”

Thoughts at 1:14 AM: Overthinking and Speaking Up

It’s 1:14 a.m. Same time a few months ago, I was staring blankly at my screen, tears starting to well up. A comment from an editor distressed me. A reason for the statement wasn’t offered, neither a suggestion. For me, it seemed like a straight-up “what the hell is this.” And as an editor myself,Continue reading “Thoughts at 1:14 AM: Overthinking and Speaking Up”