Leave Them Alone

I’ll react on this issue because I’m a fan of Nadine Lustre. I wasn’t before, even didn’t care about love teams in general, but the aura that she radiated in her interviews was very, very attractive that I got hooked. Tipong, “Wow, she looks so strong.”  It was contagious, and I want that positive energyContinue reading “Leave Them Alone”

Detaching Myself from Disney’s 1998 Mulan

Mulan (1998) is my favorite Disney animated film. She grew in me, this clumsy but wise Mulan who clothed herself as a man for her sickly father’s place in the army. As a little girl, I admired her⁠, not because she had strength from the start but because she was as imperfect as me⁠. AndContinue reading “Detaching Myself from Disney’s 1998 Mulan”

Rest in Peace, Christine Silawan

I am writing this because I am bothered by the way she was murdered, not forgetting that murder is already bothersome as it is. It reminded me of the film Smaller and Smaller Circles. According to news reports, her autopsy reveals that her private parts had no recent injuries, meaning she may not have beenContinue reading “Rest in Peace, Christine Silawan”

Re: Gray’s Answer on “Seeing Situations with a Silver Lining”

After this hullabaloo about different interpretations of Catriona Gray’s answer, I have concluded that yes, there is something about her answer that needs analysis. Let’s be honest, there is nothing beautiful about poverty. At the same time, it’s the best that she could give with a very limited time. More than that, she articulated itContinue reading “Re: Gray’s Answer on “Seeing Situations with a Silver Lining””

Enough of MD on My Feed

Muting the name “Michelle Dy” is one of the best decisions I made today (today lang because I make shitty decisions from time to time haha). I am not her most vocal critic, but it’s weird that I don’t know her until someone tweeted about her. Anyway, I can’t say I dislike her vlogs becauseContinue reading “Enough of MD on My Feed”