Hay, Pilipinas

I’m a twenty-something millennial. Like most people my age, I am still confused with what I really want to do. Yes, I am a bit fucked up; I have anxiety and existential crisis, and I often rattle on my philosophies and beliefs. You will see me talk about hugots, puppies, and romantic love, a mixture ofContinue reading “Hay, Pilipinas”

When You Were Fourteen

Where were you? Where were you when you were fourteen? Around that time, I was a first year high school student at Rizal Science, the class president of I-Hope. All I had to think of was the welfare of our class and how not to get a grade lower than 85. Unfortunately, that was notContinue reading “When You Were Fourteen”

Row, Row, Row my Boat

  I will keep this short (well, at least compared to the rest of the blogs and posts about the 2016 elections). Yes, I am for Sec. Mar and Cong. Leni as my President and Vice President respectively. As a believer of the K-12 program and an advocate for educational equity, LGBT rights, women empowerment,Continue reading “Row, Row, Row my Boat”

SONA 2014 Reaction

First things first, it is nicer to hear “Kayo ang mga Pilipinong gusto kong pagsilbihan.” than “Kayo ang aking mga boss.” There’s a difference; it’s not all the time that you would want to work under a boss. Second, he  sounded asar-talo when he defended himself against his critics. It seemed that the criticism of hisContinue reading “SONA 2014 Reaction”