Blacks, Whites, and Rainbows

Because it’s the first day of June. Ngayon lang yata ako magiging elaborate about my gender. But here goes nothing. :) I’m bisexual. Actually, marami namang may alam n’on, but it really took me several years before I could even tell that 548 Heartbeats was inspired by my first relationship (a girl) and unrequited loveContinue reading “Blacks, Whites, and Rainbows”

How I Got My Shit Together Last 2019

Maybe I got fed up. Maybe I just wanted to feel secure. Whatever the reason was, I wanted to change my lifestyle, my habits, my perspectives, my way of consuming, and a lot more in 2019. I feel so proud of myself for coming this far—from losing my purpose bit by bit, every day, toContinue reading “How I Got My Shit Together Last 2019”