A Love Letter in the Time of Self-Isolation

I woke up, feeling unworthy and lost as usual. But then I received a love letter written at four in the morning: Some days, like today, I find myself unable to sleep. Maybe distracted, maybe not distracted enough. I love you. You are always so soft and warm, always so nice to be with. IContinue reading “A Love Letter in the Time of Self-Isolation”

One Lucky Girl (Comics)

Made this for two weeks! Yeah, took me that long because (1) bombarded with work and (2) I have long forgotten my Photoshop skills. Sorry if the art sucked; I just wanted my appreciation post to come with visuals. Happy Teachers’ Day to the person who taught me love. Thank you for loving me, makingContinue reading “One Lucky Girl (Comics)”

Fourth Anniversary

After four years, I am still in love with you. I still dream of a wedding day with you as my groom. I still have butterflies in my stomach whenever you whisper “I love you” to my ear. I still smile whenever I remember how it all started four years ago. Our first date (theContinue reading “Fourth Anniversary”