Celebrating Taylor Swift by Dancing “Cruel Summer”

This 2019, I swore to commit to self-improvement pursuits. So when our boss announced that we would have an eight-day hiatus, I took this opportunity to do something new—dancing in a studio.

I joined a Facebook group (Dance Instructors for Hire) and posted a message on their wall, stating the date, time, and style of dance. Around ten dance instructors messaged me, all with the same rates, but what made my choice was the proximity of the recommended studio.

When I met Dani Tayag of East Side Dance Studio, I remember him telling me, “So when is the presentation?” I replied, “This is just for fun, something to check off my bucket list.” He was surprised, as most of his clients hire him because there’s an upcoming event.

Anyway, I asked him to create dance steps for my favorite song in Taylor Swift’s newest album, Lover, “Cruel Summer.” (Please stream Lover! This was also to celebrate her win for being the Artist of the Decade in the AMAs.) Initially, I told him that I could do the whole song, but boy, after one and half hours, I was dead tired, and my brain can no longer take in the steps he was teaching me, no matter how hard I tried. We agreed to cut the choreography until the chorus and record the video the next day. I combined all takes here so you could see me in all angles.

This was for fun, and I had fun! I am actually considering to take weekend dance classes.

Anyway, enjoy the video!

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