Another Discussion on DC versus Marvel

I am writing this because I saw a tweet on how Marvel is better than DC (for the nth time). I agree, but with films. Marvel films are better than DC films.

Wonderwoman, Aquaman, and Shazam were good movies though, me thinks. The thing is, I am used to hating on DC because of their successive unsuccessful movies that disappointed me before and after a very triumphant Batman: The Dark Knight, even surpassing every Marvel movie I have watched in my top list. The plot, direction, and script are just some god-tier awesomeness right there.

I guess that’s where the DC cinematic universe blew up: all Marvel movies were consistently working. Even if there were issues with some parts of a Marvel film, overall, it just worked. The humor and drama, effects, character arcs, and plots, as well as the connection of the real-life actors and actresses to their characters—everything is stitched, maybe not perfectly but still stitched.

However, for DC, there is a disconnect. To start with, there are existing issues between the entertainment company and the directors, fans even requesting for a director’s cut. DC makes good stories by the way, better than Marvel’s, me thinks. And their villains are way, way better too. However, they cannot execute it consistently and properly. It feels that they are focusing on competing with Marvel rather than on making good movies, and I cannot blame them; there is so much pressure after Marvel Studios has gained the trust of their audience. In Marvel’s Iron Man, the film that started this universe, Robert Downey Jr. did well as Iron Man, bringing charisma to a role and making people gravitate to whatever he touched.

But yo, the actors of this decade’s Superman and Batman . . . how many have there been?

I just hope DC Films would keep rising because sayang yung kuwento. I am not done giving them a chance because they did it with Wonderwoman, Aquaman, and Shazam, and I know they can do it well with others. They need to stop being under the shadow of Marvel and start owning their name . . . like how Wonderwoman was so successful that Marvel is trying to contend with it (but, in my opinion, failed).

What are your thoughts?

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