My Hair Went Peachy!

I always start my “New Year” on February, not because I favor the Chinese New Year than the normal January 1 New Year but because February is my birth month. If you know me that long, you know that I rarely greet people with “happy birthday”; instead, I greet them with “happy new year.” It started when my high school classmate told me their religion do not celebrate birthdays; since I was still eager to let him know that I was grateful for his existence, I greeted him a “happy new year” instead.

Besides, my New Year celebration was dull. I remember editing a manuscript while on countdown.

This February, I promised myself five things: (1) renovate my room, (2) have better eating habits, (3) finish my story Lost and Found, (4) launch my merch shop, and (5) color my hair peach. Two years ago, I colored my hair burgundy, but truth was I wanted it peach; however, the salon did not know how. Weeks before February, I was already researching salons nearby (so I would not have to worry about my commuting expenses) with good reviews (I highly encourage people to leave reviews wherever they go) and found Salon 360 International in Junction.


For Rizalenos, ride any Tropical/Sta. Lucia jeep and tell the driver to drop you off at Meralco. Cross the pedestrian lane and walk until you reach Salon 360 International (near 7-Eleven).

You may also opt to ride Crossing jeepneys. If you pay for Junction, you’ll be dropped off at Cainta Public Market. Cross the bridge toward Robinsons Cainta and walk back. Cross to get to the other side of the road and look for Salon 360 International.


Definitely an 11/10.

I inquired about their services on Facebook, and I was impressed with their fast response. I sent them a picture of a peach-haired woman and asked if they could achieve it using their “super supreme” promo, but they told me it would be too risky for my hair. As I was still unsure whether to have my preferred color but no rebond or treat my hair but not with peach, I went to see their available colors a day before my appointment. They were even accommodating in personal! I decided I would go for their “super supreme” promo just because it’s less expensive and they told me they would even the color of my hair. I thought I could go for that.

I made the change thirty minutes before my appointment for two reasons: (1) I believe that a rebonded hair is more high maintenance and (2) I really want it peach to make a statement.

During my visit, Jackson eagerly accommodated me. He warned me about the “pain I’ll go through” because of the bleaching, and I replied, “Sanay po akong masaktan.” Ha! The whole process, which consists of three bleaching procedures, lasted for five hours. The second one was the most painful as I felt like some kid was pulling my hair. But throughout the process, my stylist Jackson was there.

True enough, I was astonished and very satisfied with the results. For Php 4,500, I was able to get my dream balayage. Jackson was so extra, that he even curled my hair! So if you’re from Cainta, Rizal, or anywhere nearby, I recommend Salon 360 International. Their stylists are accommodating, entertaining, and more importantly, experienced. (Bonus: if you need inspiration, they have a handsome manager, though I am not sure if he’s always there. Haha!)

Gave a tip to my stylist because the product exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Jackson!

Salon 360 International
Ortigas-Cainta Junction, Cainta, Rizal

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