I Have to Let This Out

Bear with me. I have to let this out.

Again, this is about my work.

It’s 2:33 a.m., and I am working my ass out to proofread an almost 30k-word file in one day.

So yesterday, October 4, 2018, I was given a file to peer-review. The task was “substantive editing,” and as a peer-reviewer and I knew I still had time, I had to make the manuscript as concise as I could. The first editor made good changes, but there were still some misses, especially “for brevity’s sake.” (This is why QA is so important, and I appreciate that in my current work. All the more if the manuscript goes through peer-review. It must be clean as a baby’s heart.) It was an approximately 14k-word file. I finished it for six hours.

Given the time I had to travel from Rizal to Makati then back to Rizal, yo, people, four hours of my life had been wasted.

Pero choice ko to kasi kapag hindi ako nagtrabaho, anong ipambabayad ko sa bills, right?

At 1 p.m., another file was sent. While my job was only to proofread, I still had to comment the reason this change happened and so on. And I was the first editor. I spent two hours editing, starting at 6 p.m., the first twenty pages of the book, along with putting comments.

Tapos uuwi pa ako. Came home at 12 m.n. Of course, I had to eat dinner or else I might end up in the hospital for the third time this month. (I may have an ulcer or maybe a colon-related or a kidney-related disease, but since I have no money and time to spare, maybe I’ll just wait until it worsens and die at the age of 28.)

I asked for an extension, but it got denied, saying that “I had to manage my time better.”

Telling your supervisor “It’s unfair!” is so difficult, especially when you know that you are partly to blame because you cannot do 3,200 wph, which is basically their requirement. I am partly to blame because I applied for this job, knowing that it was two to three hours away from our home and still staying for more than a year.

I often ask myself why was I regularized. I even told them, “Ready naman po ako kung di ako mareregularize because I cannot perform according to your requirements, and this may affect the overall performance of your company.” But still, hey, I am still here.

It’s so frustrating because I have never failed to submit deliverables on time when I was in DepEd, TFP, MFI, and even way back college and high school. My peers can attest to this.

But again, this is a senseless scribble, a senseless rant. I know what you’re thinking: “Eh di sabihin mo sa supervisor mo.”

But maybe it all ends with “I am partly to blame.”

And of course, you reply with, “Eh ikaw naman pala.”

I just have to let this out so I could work more efficiently. Thanks for listening to my TED talk.

It’s 3:05 a.m. by the way. Bye. Gotta work.

What are your thoughts?

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