For Vegetarians and Artists: Lucy in the Sky Cafe

Greenhills is known for cheap devices, Catholic schools, and unnecessary traffic. When I needed to go there, being a cafe hunter, I knew I had to take the opportunity to eat in a cafe near there. My research brought me to Lucy in the Sky Cafe.


If you’re from the east, ride a bus going to Quiapo and tell the driver to drop you at Wilson Street. To be sure, you can also stop at Greenhills. From there, you have two choices:

  1. Walk until you reach the end of the road. Cross toward O Square and wait for a shuttle service. Go down when you see Wilson Corporate Center to your right and, finally, cross the road.
  2. Walk until you reach the end of the road. Cross toward Caltex, and walk that side of the road until you see a big poster of a kid holding paint brushes.

Both will lead you to Lucy in the Sky Cafe.


Filled with colorful chairs, furniture, and painting, Lucy in the Sky Cafe can be the next place for your event. (I am actually considering to host a meet and greet there.) The ate there was very helpful, and she willingly answered questions about the number of people the place can accommodate (twenty) and how much it would cost (Php 10,000 consumable).

Expect the CR to be a little messy because the cafe is an extension of an art lab where kids attend art workshops there.


Vegetarians will love Lucy in the Sky Cafe. We ordered malunggay-basil pesto pasta (Php 185), sisig (Php 215) partnered with brown rice (Php 45), garlic parmesan french fries (Php 145), and my favorite, the mango tarragon juice (Php 140). To check more of their food, click this link.

Unfortunately, their sisig was not my taste. This one’s a 6/10, though I was delighted that they serve brown rice.

The malunggay pasta and the garlic parmesan fries garner a 7/10 for me. Both were fine, only I’d order it when I felt like eating healthy stuff.

The mango tarragon juice, one of their best sellers, gets an 8/10. My taste buds definitely missed the sweetness of a ripe mango.

They have good reviews on Facebook, so I wish to try their food, especially their cake, another time.

Favorite Picture

The place is inspired by “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by the Beatles, hence the painting.

Lucy in the Sky Cafe
11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
222 Wilson St. San Juan City
Tel. (02) 370 4113

What are your thoughts?

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