Avengers: Infinity War (Movie)

Because it’s the third week and I’m trying not to be angry . . .

Comment no. 1

What? Someone is blaming Wanda? OH COME ON. Could you imagine the emotional torture she went through? If I were her, I would actually wish Thanos to kill me right after THAT scene.

Comment no. 2

I don’t blame Quill either. He has emotions. And I don’t think that’s the “ONE” Strange was pertaining to. It was meant to happen.

Comment no. 3

Don’t you blame Dr. Strange, you ——. Imagine knowing the ending but not being allowed to tell because things would be different if he would. Remember he said, “This is the only way.”

Comment no. 4

There were so many funny moments, especially with Quill and Thor, but I think I would give the “one who gave me the most laugh” to Okoye.

Comment no. 5

Avengers 4 is the kind of predictable I want. It’s okay if I already the plot. I still would want to see how things are executed. And if Avengers 4 is already the end of the franchise, I hope it gives the same hope Avengers 1 gave to me.

Comment no. 6

I hope people could connect Thanos to our politics (like I always do with in movies with authoritarian antagonists, such as Jeanine Matthews and Coriolanus Snow) that sacrificing people for “balance” and “order” is just plainly inhuman, acting like a god to a planet everyone owns.

Comment no. 7

There are so many things to say that, I think, I left in the cinema. This movie tore me into pieces, but I am hopeful in their next movie.

Comment no. 8

Dr. Strange and Iron Man are my daddies.

Comment no. 9

I’m still not over it, and I think I ever won’t, not until I watch Avengers 4. A year ago, I have tweeted about allowing the universe to take me after Infinity War, but after seeing the movie, I know I have to live until their not-so-upcoming movie.

What are your thoughts?

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