Siargao (Movie)

Spoiler-free movie reaction.

  1. This is a chill movie for me. I was intrigued by its trailer, so I decided to watch this first among all the MMFF 2017 movies.
  2. Cinematography: 100%
  3. Siargao ended as I wanted it, and it was a relief.
  4. The connection between the two lead characters lacked—or maybe it was intentional because of the differences in their way of life.
  5. Jericho Rosales’s acting was very natural. And oh god, I didn’t know he knew how to sing (sorry!)
  6. I love Jasmin Curtis-Smith’s character. Her makeup was something also worth noticing—it fits her well, and it added to her character. She’s my second favorite lady to appear in Indie films.
  7. This film will make you want to visit Siargao. It’s like, you could make an mp3 of the whole movie and include it in your Zen playlist.
  8. People, please stay at the end of the film and be informed. Let’s all be responsible travelers.
  9. Got me at “Nakalimutan mo na?” “Hindi, kinalimutan ko.” and “Tama ‘yong tanong niya. Mali lang ‘yong binigay kong sagot.”
  10. Maybe not Director Paul Soriano’s best movie, but it’s still worth the watch.

What are your thoughts?

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