Gingerbread House and Nuvali Trip

Since we had no work last Thursday, we decided to travel to a place that reminded us of Christmas. Thanks to the Internet, we found the Gingerbread House in Alfonso, Tagaytay.

We arrived at the DLTB Station in Pasay around one in the afternoon and took a bus. We were looking for a Nasugbu label, but we rode a different one since the driver said it would pass by Barangay Upli. The fare was Php 102.00 per head. From our drop off in Barangay Upli, a tricycle led us to the Gingerbread House for Php 60.00. We arrived at the place at half past four in the afternoon.

The concept is unique. The place was colorful, and it really looked good at night. However, besides the gingerbread house (the cafe) itself, I didn’t find it too remarkable. Some parts of the place weren’t cleaned, so it was a bit disappointing. The food in the cafe seemed delicious, but I could not judge since we didn’t eat there. I was only able to taste their gingerbread cookie (I didn’t like it) and their crinkles (I liked it, but it was worth Php 30.00 for two small crinkles. That’s Php 15.00 each, which is expensive for a one-and-a-half-inch-diameter crinkle).

We were lucky that a tricycle driver waited for us. We left there around half past six in the evening.

From there, we decided to take a glimpse of the dancing lights in Nuvali. We rode a jeep to Olivarez terminal (Php 16.00) then to Tagaytay Market (Php 8.00). From Tagaytay Market, we rode a Balibago jeep where we were dropped off at Nuvali (Php 25.00). I wasn’t expecting that Nuvali was that far from where we came from.

We arrived at the place quarter to nine (and I was already hungry). The dancing lights was only until 10 p.m., so we decided to go already. I enjoyed it, but not as much as I expected. Too bad that the “tunnel” was under maintenance.

However, going home was a struggle. It was already half past ten, and there were no more Alabang UVs. I don’t recommend going to Nuvali past nine.

It was a tiring ride, but it was, once again, a new experience.

What are your thoughts?

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