Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle (Movie)

If you enjoy action-comedy movies like I do, Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle is a must-watch. I enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed the first film.

Warning: Spoiler alert. Read this if you’ve watched it already, and see where you agree or not.


  1. Everyone is still amazing as they are.
  2. Channing Tatum dancing is life.
  3. Harry, though he lacked the fighting skills I wished to see here, was still impressive as he is. Never did I doubt his brain.
  4. I’m so sad about the other Kingsman members though, especially JB. I find Eggsy’s reaction toward Merlin very realistic.
  5. I actually hoped Merlin would be the next Ginger, and Ginger would be the next Whiskey.
  6. Best cameo of the year goes to Elton John.

Plot, scenes, and dialogues:

  1. Did they research on the Philippines? The “war on drugs” is a very timely issue. My, oh my, Filipinos should watch this.
  2. “I’m never gonna touch that!” Did the director want to imply that drug users can change? It’s obvious, but people tend to forget it.
  3. Holding a cute pup is the answer to everything. I love, love this scene so much.
  4. Merlin didn’t deserve it. I adore his loyalty and commitment. He was always the one to remind Eggsy about sticking to the mission and reserving his emotions for later. We all need a Merlin in our lives.
  5. I didn’t wish that for Whiskey, but I guess the film calls for it.
  6. Ethics and moral issues make a film more interesting. I never would have thought that I would see a different take to “would you have sex with another person to save the world even when you’re in a relationship?” here. Good decision, though.

What are your thoughts?

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