Fourth Anniversary

After four years, I am still in love with you.

I still dream of a wedding day with you as my groom.
I still have butterflies in my stomach
whenever you whisper “I love you” to my ear.
I still smile whenever I remember
how it all started four years ago.
Our first date (the one I had chocolate between my teeth)
Our first holding hands (you even asked me if you could)
Our first walk in the rain (my right side and your left side were wet)
Remembering those days makes me smile.

I’d gladly sit with you on a bench and play Summoner’s War all day long,
or be on a rage whenever your Bloodseeker gets 40 kills,
and my Queen of Pain has 11.
I’d gladly start a poem, a novel or a song
while you finish your funny PowerPoint presentations.
(I hope I get to attend a session
where you talk about how to teach high school science.
Though I am happy you are my partner now,
I wish you were my teacher before.)

I’d be willing to argue about social issues with you
because it is only with you that arguing is fun.
I like our geeky and nerdy conversations;
That’s why even though we don’t travel that much,
learning so many things from you feels like knowing the universe
(and I guess knowing the universe is more excitingly tiring
than traveling for us.)

Though I know you don’t like free verse poems,
I will make you like this one
(and I hope you do.)
But for you I’ll make the last two two lines rhyme
And mention words not related to this poem like
random falling leaf of a painting by a kangaroo
After four years, I am still in love with you.

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