My love for him is “dipper” than the ocean.

James and I had lunch at Kimukatsu. The waiter said the order would take 10-15 minutes long, so we decided to play “Pinoy Henyo” wherein we would guess what’s inside the mind of the other (no paper, just honesty).

He was so mean for making me guess Cartesian Coordinate Plane and Vertebrate while I made him guess ordinary things like ‘yelo’ and ‘Hugh Jackman’! The most memorable was this one though.

James Peter: What else do I see inside the bathroom?!
Jessamine: You’re not mentioning two things you use everyday!
James Peter: Ha?! Tabo?!
Jessamine: Yes! What took you so long to guess that?!
James Peter: I’m not using that anymore!
Jessamine: Sosyal! You’re using the shower?
James Peter: Yep, since we don’t have a heater there.
Jessamine: Ah kaya pala. So it’s cold?
James Peter: Yup… As cold as my heart when you’re not with me.

I stayed silent, and held his hand. Such a cheesy guy.

What are your thoughts?

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