Such Conversations

What I liked about him first was his way of thinking and then everything followed.

He told me things that I only expected to hear from a philosopher like Plato. I wasn’t really into art, literature and philosophy unlike my colleagues, but he made sure I appreciated them before I graduated. If I made him think about the way he controlled his emotions, then he made me think of the way I lived through thinking. We were meant to fill the gaps in each other’s lives to create harmony among ourselves.

A few hours back, we shared teacher stories with each other. I made him do the talking more since I really had nothing to share as of that moment. Our conversation revolved around his demo teaching about frog dissection wherein I was dumbstruck by the answer he gave to the question, “Teacher, isn’t it bad to kill frogs?”

He said, “There are 2 schools of thought when it comes to paralyzing the frog. The first is when you let the frog inhale ether and then it sleeps. The second is when you stick a needle to the frog’s brain and twist it around. True, the second one sounds more brutal, but I assure you that there are no sensory nerve cells inside its brain. When they wake up from their sleep during dissection, what will they see? What will they feel during the dissection? Which is more humane now?”

“So you mean it’s better if we kill it? But killing is bad!” I followed.

He replied, “It’s like killing a chicken so you can eat and use the proteins you gained from eating that chicken. Instead, you are killing a frog to learn something that would make you understand a piece of nature.”

Then he added, “Do you not feel responsible for taking the life of that frog by using the knowledge you gained?”

Such conversations overwhelm me. He was not imposing his knowledge of biology, nor was he forcing me his values. He was transferring his thoughts to me in such a way that I would be the one to make my own train of thought. I wish he were my bio teacher.

I’ve never been sure of my future until I met him.

What are your thoughts?

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