All About Being Happy

I question every blog that tackles the secrets of or steps to happiness. I mean, is it really the same for all people? I do have my own ways to make myself happy, and I’d gladly share them with you. People ask if I have a life besides organizing stuff, and yes I do. Maybe not as adventurous or as extravagant as others, but it makes life life.

The list doesn’t necessarily mean that I apply every thing in a daily basis. This blog is a reminder since I noticed I become happy when I do these. A reminder for myself maybe?

Don’t just find time. Find time and space. I do believe that time and space are inseparable, well at least that’s what I learned from my Physics 73 class. When I say I have time, a text message or a call is fine; but what I actually do is to find time and space for people who I want to be with. The DEAD (Drop Everything and Date) is really helpful.

Sadly as a person who plans ahead, making time is almost impossible. I wish that the other Jessamine living in another universe took this path. If the other Jessamine did, then let me change this to: make time, and find space.

Talk about anything except worrying about money. “All grown-ups were once children, but only few of them remember it.” The Little Prince. I highly agree to this.

Our family had been through financial problems to the point that my education was threatened as in like whenever we run out of money they would say “stop your studies first”. Ever since those times I learned how important money was to survive. Humans are really stupidly smart to invent something who would’ve guessed would turn our oblate spheroid world into a triangle..

Go for your dreams in any way. I wanted to be so many things: a rock singer, photographer, teacher, and a writer. I succeeded with the writer side first way back in 2009 after finishing my first online novel. After all, my dream was just to finish one. My book being published was one lucky event!

I pursued my teaching career next by taking up B Secondary Education. And yep, I am proud to be a public school teacher here in the Philippines. The system is not ideal, but I do hope I could contribute to the betterment of the system.

The rock singer and the photographer in me were fulfilled just this month after recording all my songs using my DSLR camera. Yep, that’s just it! I mean it’s not that I dream to be a legit photographer, and I do not intend to be a famous singer either. I simply wanted to record my songs, and take magnificent pictures from a hi-res camera. If in the later run I’d decide to take it further, then let it be.

Be proud of your weakness. HAHA I think this is one crazy suggestion from me. I am really very OC, and I think most people know about that. I like arranging things, organizing things, categorizing things. On the other hand, I get irritated with my own mistakes, and sulk about it. I tell this to people so they can ask me for help when something’s disorganized, and at the same time I could rely my feelings about my self. Hence, my weakness becomes a strength and an opportunity. Besides that, it’s for people to know my limitations. They would make fun at me by disarranging things after arranging them, but at least people know when to talk to me.

And lastly, let yourself identify what really makes you happy. I had this illusion that happiness was about traveling to different kinds of places because that’s what most say. I came to a conclusion that I was a sad individual since I wasn’t traveling. Soon after I realized that I didn’t like traveling at all. I liked being at home, lovin’ the bed as I listen to music and watch anime. I love being with the love of my life even if we’re not doing anything than rubbing each other’s cheeks. However be reminded that you do not exist alone; you coexist with the rest of the organisms in the universe. What makes you happy is not what makes others happy so just be careful.

I seriously wanted to end this with a smiley, but my super-ego said it was ridiculous so let me just leave one thought.

I know it’s not all the time that the cliche “do not let others define you” is really beneficial. There are times that you need other’s opinion of you. But if we talk about what makes you happy, unless you’re harming someone, that applies.

2 thoughts on “All About Being Happy


    -you’ve mentioned it above. What’s OC?

    Natanong ko lang po. Pwede ULIT magshare?

    Kung natatandaan niyo pa po ako… HELEN in real life A.K.A. Helenalags here on…

    Well anyway, ako po marami rin akong gusto sa buhay. Maging Triatlon(ER) I actually don’t know what they call on those athletes who used to join triatlon.

    Gusto ko rin maging isang sundalo spicifically an airforce or an army will do. Maka-graduate sa PMA at maging isang opisyal ng AFP.

    Matutunong tumugtog ng gitara at drums HAHA. maging isang rocker, may nakapagsabi sa’kin dalawang tao na hisky raw ang boses ko pang rocker daw HAHA though I know hindi naman talaga ako magaling kumanta ewan kung bakit nila ‘yun nasabi.

    Gusto ko rin po talaga sa totoo lang, ang maging isang nobelista, manunulat or even a script writer. High school pa lang ako iyon na talaga ang pinangarap ko.

    Ang dami di ba? Meron pa po yan, ang gumuhit o ang magpinta HAHA marunong po ako magdrawing. Ma-ART po akong tao, pero hindi ganun kasing galing ng iba haha.

    Hindi ko po taaga alam, parang napakahorap isipin kung ano ba talaga ang gusto kong gawin sa buhay. I haven’t know my existence yet. Though tumatanda na ako, bente uno anyos pa lang naman po ako pero pakiramdam ko marami na akong nasasayang na oras.

    Nalimutan ko sabihin, hindi ako marunong magbike kaya hindi ako makasali sa triatlon talaga HAHAHA though marunong ako lumangoy basic nga lang. Army Reservist po ako dati at Undergrad ako BS- Criminology… ako po iyong nagcomment noong nakaraan sa isang article ninyo… iyung balak magshift ulit? HAHA

    Ang hirap po pala talaga magdecide kung ano ba talaga ang makakapagpasaya sa isang tao. Ang daming kailangang isa-alang alang.


    1. OC means Obsessive Compulsive like those who couldn’t stand disorganized stuff.

      It’s okay if you have a lot of dreams to pursue, but remember that dreams will just be dreams if you won’t make it real. Being able to do a lot of things and being able to do a thing expertly are both gifts. Use it for your own betterment.

      And who said that you could only take one path? Take as many as you like or as long as you can handle! As for the college degree, choose the one that you think needs mentorship the most, and/or the one you would like to pursue first. Aja!


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