If U Seek This

So hi. You stole my bag from me, and wow–congratulations for stealing nothing. Well, almost.

Let me make a list of what you have stolen. Let me see. So you have my cutting board, whiteboard, my broken umbrella (oh thanks now I’m buying a new one for real), my expanded folder, my stamps and my updated form 1.

Yes, an updated form 1.

By now you’ve seen that you didn’t gain anything. So please, bring my form 1 back. I don’t want to end up mini miny moo-ing their days of abscences based on their report card.

I hope you found the note.

“Teacher baka hindi siya nakakabasa.” Luis said.
“Pumunta siya dito sa class, makakabasa siya.”
“Oo nga eh.” Jerico agreed. “Ako nga diba.”

Oh, that made me happy. Quite.

Now my students are super angry with you for taking advantage of the earthquake drill. I don’t have an idea how you got my bag deep down the table. You had a panungkit? Or what, maybe you have super long hands.

Seriously, how did you get it? Quite a genius, huh?

Sad to say, I have no money there. Let me take the ‘genius’ back.

I’m really depressed, seriously. Like okay, first my pens and then my bag. Would you steal the table next time? Then the classroom?

Depression out of someone’s desperation. I hope that doesn’t happen to you.

What are your thoughts?

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