Visit Number 11

His name is Luis. Luis Morallos.

He’s indeed a very responsible student, one who I can leave work with from the beginning of the school year up to now. He would be noisy at times, but in most days he would be there, listening to me. No wonder he’s on my top list.

I was quiet along our trip to Luis’ house since I got disappointed during our last period today until a dog came and I had to ask them for help because I’m scared of stray dogs.

Funny moment of the day.

“Takot si teacher sa aso.” Mico said who was also with us.
“Hindi aso, dog.” C-jay replied. “Takot si teacher sa dog.”

They made jokes about this dog-aso thing just to make me smile. We arrived at Luis’ house within 10-15 minutes of walking.

There were two big sleeping dogs (did I arrange that right?) beside the door so I could not enter. He called for his father and as his father went out, he told me that I was safe from the dogs.

I saw his mother cleaning the house as she apologized for the mess, but I told her it was okay. I was just visiting for a few minutes only anyway.

“Ma’am wala po akong problema kay Luis. Napakaresponsable!” I told them.
“Oo nga ho ma’am pagdating ang daming kinukwento niyan,” his mother said.
“Ilang ho silang magkakapatid?”
“Walo po. Dalawa ho nag-asawa na. Dalawa pong nag-aaral.”
“Totoo ho ba ma’am?” His father asked me afterwards, “Top daw ho siya sa math?”
“Ay opo!” I immediately replied. “Top 6 siya sa buong klase, top 1 naman po siya sa Math.”

I could see both their smiles, even heard his father murmured, “Nakakawala ng pagod.”

“Ma’am ang swerte ho ng anak ho namin sa inyo.” She added details to it by saying, “Napatigil pa nga ho namin yan dati.”
“Bakit ho?”
“Dalawang taon. Eh paano pareho kaming nagtatrabaho walang nagaasikaso sa kanila. Ngayon ako na lang ho nagtatrabaho. Tapos siya ho,” pointing at Luis’ father, “Nagtuturo na lang ho sa kanila. Eh ngayon pinaguusapan namin na magtatrabaho na siya.”
“Pero ngayon ho,” His father added, “Ito pong si Luis talagang tinuturuan na niya yung kapatid niya na magbasa

Impressed, I called Luis and said, “Very good! Excellent!”

We chatted a little more about how happy they were that Luis was excelling, and other personal stuff. They ended with “Maraming salamat ho talaga ma’am sa pagbisita. Babawi po kami sa susunod.”

“Ay, hindi niyo ho kailangan bumawi.” I replied. “Okay na po ito.”

The ‘ito’ I referred was Luis excelling in my class. I guess, like parents, teachers would be also proud of their students if they progress from almost nothing to something.

It was just a short visit, but it was full of positivity. I hope to hear more of it.

Student number 11, check.

What are your thoughts?

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