Where Is My Orenda

A 7.2 earthquake struck Bohol and Cebu, destroying historical churches and killing people. Recently, a super typhoon damaged our dear Leyte severely. It sucked, really.

Many people blogged about how sad the whole thing was, and smiled on how many people cared for the country; I was one of them. I read every link that my friends had been sharing and news sent by GMA. I read the Cooper-Korina issue, the looting in Gaisano mall, the good kid in Japan who donated his piggy bank savings, the Philippine colors in the Empire State Building, and the mass burial by the firemen even the 1897 hurricane that struck Tacloban.

I could not say that I have read everything, but everything that popped in my screen about the storm, I would click it.

I donated stuff as well, even encourage my students to donate too.

But for some reason, even if I feel so concerned about them, even if I have donated in any means… It felt like I haven’t helped yet.

I have little issues on my own like the elimination of Cory in ANTM, the break up of Joyce Ching and Kristoffer Martin, my book, the lapel mic opportunity that I missed, the new set of lesson plans I had to worry; okay, I had them. But none of them broke my heart like Yolanda had.

I actually feel guilty of opening my laptop and continue my routine while people there suffer. Even this blog. Something does not feel right, although I knew that our lives should not stop blah blah blah, but still…

It does not feel right.

Does anyone feel the same?

What are your thoughts?

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