City of Greed

It’s fun being with people who would bring you back to your childhood.

They are the people who would eat then talk then eat while they talk.

They are the people who would directly tell you “fuck you” or “bitch” and trash talk you during a game, but they would just laugh it off and continue with the game. They knew it was nothing serious; they are friends anyway. It is just a game anyway.

They are the people who would actually end a game with another game.

They are the people who would sit or lie in one bed to play a game wherein each one of them had a character, and they would make a story out of it. The more it made no sense, the funnier it was.

They would talk about anime, computer games, food, and life.

They would play an anime or Japanese or Korean song without judging one’s gay.

They could tell colored jokes without naming the person who mentioned the joke mean or racist or sexist or whatever. They would laugh if it’s funny, they would tell that it’s foul if it’s not.

They are the people who never talk about money when they meet together. They never talk about bank accounts or the money they make in their jobs, but they would laugh at how poor they are in a Monopoly Game or in the Game of Life. They never forced anyone to shift his chosen path because of money.

They are the epitome of friendship and childlikeness, if there is such a term; the closest I have seen so far.

They call themselves ‘city of greed’, yet they show the opposite. I wonder why.

What are your thoughts?

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