I am not a good critic either.

I admire your being frank. Some of your points were really interesting and true. Your sarcasm is genius, and this is not sarcastic by the way. Your self-realization of you being an antagonist to all writers who are afraid of such strong words is witty. I can already imagine some of the writers checking their grammar and word usage all the time before they would even post a chapter. Now, rereading my first stories made me laugh on how I wrote immaturely with all the frequent ellipses.

Though, let me tell you that saying the truth is synonymous to being honest so saying that ‘saying the truth does not make you rude but rather honest’ is redundant. In addition to this, the whole thing was obviously rude. It is definitely okay to be honest and to criticize someone’s work. In fact, an intelligent person collects and appreciates criticisms. The difference was, yours had nothing to say about their improvement. Yes, you stated your points, which were true and agreeable. The fact that you knew that you were writing a destructive criticism was smart; but when you wrote that it was obvious you were stating their wrong for the writers you mentioned to correct them already contradicted your former statement. In addition to this, be consistent; If you have said that you like your works harsh and honest, do not start with saying that you are not rude.

Now let me remind you that before you criticize someone else’s capitalization, apply it to yourself first. The pronoun ‘I’ is always capitalized. Do not worry. That could be edited as if nothing happened. Whenever I reread my stories and notice the ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ mistake, the wrong capitalization and wrong use of punctuation marks, I feel ashamed as well. The good thing is, it can be edited. Cheers to that.

Actually, I do not know how I was referred via your post. But when I saw the comments, I became interested of what you wrote and why come many were that mad at you. Some admired what you’ve done as if there was nothing wrong about it though we all know there was. Some bashed you as if you had no point at all resulting to more closed-mindedness. At the end of the day, each one of us will arrive with a different opinion.

Well, I guess it could not be helped.

What are your thoughts?

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