Downs and Ups

As the cliche goes, “Good things come to those who wait.” But let me change that a little bit and put “if you do something about it.” I mean, does anyone know of a bum who became a millionaire? Even some of the respected businessmen in our country started from rags. Even some of the well-known founders of schools were once teachers. Even some famous restaurants started from a dreaming chef. Different beginnings, different endings, but all of them waited for the opportunity to come, even faced several dilemmas along the way. But the point was, they did something about it.

I am writing this because I experienced downs as well. Before I even graduated, I decided to become an independent person. I did not want a life controlled by somebody, nor did I want a life dependent of my parents. Don’t get me wrong; I am very thankful that they paid for my education–the reason why I realized so many things in life. I told myself that I would not go back unless I would have this amount to show them and say, “I could pay our debt.”

Maybe it’s pride but not ego. If it would have been my egoistic attitude, then I should not have thanked my parents for my education nor say I wanted to pay our debt. On my way to my dreams, I applied in a school near our university. I didn’t know if I was really not able to make it since after a few weeks, I realized I was not able to pass the “essay requirement.” Some even rejected me since I was too frank during the interview. You may want to read more about my failures in this blog.

This applied to all aspects of my life including my love life. I mean, I had been rejected several times without me even telling them how I feel. Funny, I know.

To be honest, I sulked about them. Who wanted to experience failures and rejections anyway? The secret recipe is to have friends to accompany and give you strength while traveling this bulky road.

As a defense mechanism, I would always say, “That wasn’t for me,” which was true. Life had other plans for me. But that didn’t mean I waited for life to give me opportunities. I sought for opportunities and grabbed them if I had the chance.

And now, I am part of a team with the same passion for teaching and learning.

And now, I am a loving daughter with a promise to gain more achievements for them to be proud of.

And now, I feel so blessed.

And now, I could say that I more contented than ever.

What are your thoughts?

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