Tell Me About My Dreams

I want to fulfill so many dreams, but I do not know how. Let me start with the dream of taking MA. I apologize for the fast turn of topics, but please understand that my mind is undergoing an unexplainable phenomenon called stress–or sorry, it is I think explainable. Another thing to apologize is the randomness of my introduction hence deleting the third sentence.

So there, I really wanted to take up MA, though the problem here now is what and when to take it. The ‘when to take’ problem is easier to solve so let us talk about it first. Hmm, there are rumors that the master’s degree needs a minimum experience of two years. Kindly message me in facebook, if you are my contact, how true this is.

The other problem seems to be much difficult. I remember having almost the same problem when I was in first year college, though it was what my major should be. I liked English, Math, and Art then, but in the end I chose math since it had the highest grade when I was high school. When I went to college, I realized that I could not comprehend math theories and I should have chosen art.

That aside, I still love teaching math.

I am choosing between Curriculum studies and mathematics education. Some would recommend the latter, but I am considering the former.

Another would be having a family. Okay, laugh at me all you want, but seriously. I calculated the years I have to endure MA and work, and I decided to get married after my husband has graduated, taken the LET and found work and when I already have permanent work. The problem is that I have not yet decided whether the work I am in now would be the place where I would want to have permanence. If for example, I would leave next year and find another place, then it would take two years again. By then I am 25 years old–oh, so it seems okay. Okay, so we have no problem then.

Sorry for the schizo-blog. I am indeed very insecure and unsure of what to do in my future–or wait–I am sure, but I do not terribly know what to do about it. If you are willing to apply as my adviser, please do so. Though I have no money to pay you so do not. Hmm, maybe I should stop writing right now. I’m drunk–joke–weird, and I’m sorry about it.

One thought on “Tell Me About My Dreams

  1. “I chose math since it had the highest grade when I was high school. When I went to college, I realized that I could not comprehend math theories”

    Ah grabe relate. Pinamukha sakin ng college na hindi talaga ako magaling sa Math. Naka-survive lang ako with the help of my friends. Nung maka-graduate, nagkaroon naman ako ng existential crisis kaya wala akong maisip na future para sa sarili ko. Hanggang ngayon. Haha. Ang pinaka future plan ko pa lang is umuwi ng Pinas sa February para sa birthday ng Papa ko. Hehe.


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