His Happiness

“I just wanted to be happy.”

That changed everything.

A day before this, I was ranting about certain matters which I felt was essential for my pride. I felt so helpless with no materials to begin with, and I just could not tell him that I needed this and that. Depressed, I grabbed my organizer-turned-diary and wrote rants about having no money and being so dependent to the people I surrounded.

“Are you not happy in this place?”
“Wherever I go, I cannot find happiness; I am never satisfied. But, there is one spot where I feel safe… Spot where I am right next to you.”

Knowing my thoughts, he cried upon confirming my decision. He told me about the story of his grandfather who was dense to everyone except one special woman, his grandmother. He couldn’t help but compare him to his grandfather who became weak after his grandmother passed away as he told me how he would feel if I were gone.

“I just wanted to be happy. Whenever you are here with me, I am happy. You are my happiness.”

It seemed that I was left without a choice, even though I knew I had a lot. Maybe that’s just what love does; it melts your pride until you surrender.

Embracing him, I tapped his back and said, “I will make you happy, and I won’t make you cry like this again; I swear.”

What are your thoughts?

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