Angela Dianne

“Pagod na ako.”

Among the infinitely many lines she said to me, this was the most memorable. Why? Simply because seeing her surrender everything to God was beautiful.

Many would applaud her work ethics; her passion for music; her responsibility amidst the weight of the organization she lead, and the endless torrent of lesson plans and worksheets she needed to write, revise, and print.

I can and will not compare her to any character from a book. She has her own story to tell, a story that rivals those of Nicholas Sparks’. Strong and witty, these are qualities built by pride and faith in herself and to her Creator.

With a smile on her face and a sablay resting on her shoulder, I believe that she deserves more than her well deserved rest.

Dearest daughter-in-law,

This contains 133 words all in all. I made you one, even though I know that you have someone in your mind whom you would really want to receive a write-up.

Nevertheless, just treat this as a letter.

Love lots,

Your (wishful) mother-in-law

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