In Behalf of Some Math Teachers

Dear Students,

First of all, we would like to thank all of you for such a wonderful semester. We hope you enjoyed our teaching as we enjoyed teaching you as well.

Second, we would like to reiterate that MATH IS NOT ABOUT ‘GETTING IT’, IT’S ABOUT ‘NOT GETTING IT’. If you settled with “I just need to get my target grade”, you already made us think that you settled with “I just need a degree.” If you have watched “The Three Idiots” you know what we mean.

For others who thought of “I need to study in order to have a higher grade than my target grade”, congratulations. You made a very high jump from “I just need a degree” to “I need to improve myself for my own benefit. Math can’t eat me, I shall eat math.”

Third, for those who failed, please do not think that you are dumb. Remember that there are nine intelligences according to Gardner, and maybe, mastering the math subject is not your forte. If you get a 5.00 this semester, do not think that it’s the end of your life. THAT THINKING IS A TOTAL HIT TO YOUR FACE. You have other things to think of than that.

Do not tell us that “of course you are a teacher”. Remember that we were once a student and we also experienced failures. Besides, failure’s a part of life. That’s why it’s in the dictionary; failure exists.

If you repeat a course, then do a sweet revenge. Study harder, make it 1.00. We, teachers, give a grade that the student deserves. You worked for your grades. We cannot send you to the next level if you have not satisfied the prerequisite. It’s like ‘Super Mario’, you cannot go to the next level without mastering the previous one.

For those who passed, congratulations. Good luck to the next subject you will be taking.

For those who did not, we wouldn’t say it’s okay because we all know that it’s not. Just keep on trying, and prove to us that you’re more than that.

The graph of x = 16sin3(t) and y = 13cos(t) – 5cos(2t) – 2cos(3t) – cos(4t),
Some Math Teachers

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