Tooth Extraction and Tekken

Okay. I just can’t get over my tooth extraction.

So yesterday, I went to the dentist ALONE since my JP had an exam. It was 3PM when I arrived there, but they accommodated me at around 5PM. I knew I was prepared, but it was my first time so I have no idea on what would happen next. The idea that there was anesthesia gave me a sign of relief.

I answered a form asking me if I have this and that. While I was being interviewed, the dentist asked me “do you have asthma” I replied “no” because she asked too fast like the questions before had all no’s until she asked me that question.

So there. I sat on the seat and had several gargles. I had around 4 injections of anesthesia which didn’t hurt. Although it really felt like I was chewing a planet on the left side of my mouth.

All went well until the dentist held my jaws tightly with his arms and started to pull my poor tooth. For that time I thought my jaws would break.

When I saw my tooth with three feet which the doctor said it was abnormal, I was glad I was still alive. The best part was when JP gave me a half gallon (was it?) of cookies and cream ice cream.

Let’s now move to tekken.

Last Friday after going to UP, JP, Jacob (JP’s best friend) and I went to trinoma. There was even a tribute concert for Eraserheads, though I didn’t want to conclude that it was the reason why there were so many people wearing black shirts that time. We played tekken at timezone. As usual, I shouted a lot of weird stuff like “go away you old man”–JP’s fave and “move move move!” and a lot of letter A’s. It’s normal–that’s how I play.

I played all girl characters–almost. F that creepy character named Zafina who could crawl like Sadako of The Ring movie. When she’d come to attack my character, I’d shout “GO AWAY YOU F AAAAAH!”. Of course I lost.

I don’t know how to end this nonsense blog. But hey, happy 11/12 anniversary JP! One month to go for a year.

What are your thoughts?

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