Some Memories to Keep

The other day, I cried. I did so because, in truth, I do not know what to do anymore. I wanted to give up, give up on everything. When I was sobbing, he suddenly hugged me and said–

“Ang ganda pa naman ng noo mo. Taas no, Jessamine.” (You have a beautiful forehead. Raise it high, Jessamine. )

The world would push me away, except for this person, this person standing while watching ‘Fairytail’. Haha. He wouldn’t do that, and that makes me happy.

Maybe, I could say, that he is the one and only decision that I would not regret taking.

Yes, naturally. He is a decision. A decision to love again, to move on, and to forget the awful and hurtful things I experienced. Like the other day, while we were walking towards Shangri La’s exit, he asked why I liked him.

My reply, was simply because I liked him. I said, and i quote,

“Alam mo yung tipong, bigla na lang na marerealize mo na gusto mo makita yung tao. Yung hinihintay mo yung pagdating niya, tapos pagdating niya, okay ka na, tapos pag alis niya, feeling mo okay na rin umalis? Yung gusto mo siyang marinig, gusto mo siya makilala. And before you know it, mahal mo na pala siya.” (Do you know the feeling of suddenly realizing that you want to see that person? That you wait for him until he returns, and when he does, you are alright. And when he leaves, that it’s okay if you leave too? That you want to hear him out, and to get to know him better. And before you know it, you love him.)

We just finished watching ‘Windstruck’ minutes ago. I was crying because of the movie, because it really was that sad. Needless to say, I cried a lot. He had his arm around me, and after the movie, I hugged him. When I looked at his face, he was crying too.

Of course, I asked why. I was even surprised that he was crying (since it is really rare to see him cry). He then said that,

“Wag kang mawawala ah.” (Do not leave, okay?)

Some memories to keep forever. Maybe, our story would be the last thing that I’ll write after I finish ‘Siya’.

What are your thoughts?

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