Happy Nineteenth, My Dearest

I don’t care if you are a nonconformist. That’s actually what I liked about you. The way you answer people–you would just kick our mouths away. Either you are right, or you have a point. Then suddenly, I found out that I want to change you; I want you to be my friend.

Change in a sense that I wanted to bring out your hidden self–the one that you rarely showed us. I wanted to know what goes around your mind, what you think etcetera. That was the reason why I talked to you often, even if you mentioned that you feel awkward having a conversation with other people.

And then I don’t know what happened. I found myself looking for you every day, wanting you to be by my side. I like it when you would tell my friend that I should eat, when you would ask me why could I not see how beautiful I was and when you would talk to me whenever I feel insecure.

I like you, though I was not that sure before. But I like you–your whole personality.

Then this. Until now I could not believe you like me because you were a nonconformist and you having a crush on someone did not even cross my suspicious mind. If you had one, I thought it would be my other friends. But, it was I.

Thank you, like the cliché says, for coming to my life. Even if you do not give importance to your birthday, I do not care. This date is special for it is your birthday. Others may find this cheesy–why would they care? This blog is not for them… It’s for you, my dearest.

Happy birthday. Happy new year to you, and to us, my dearest beloved James Peter. I love you so much.

What are your thoughts?

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