God’s Given Grace

Even if we’re not close, we’re not even acquaintances, we were merely schoolmates; but I was truly saddened and bothered by the news.

It was around 11 pm yesterday when I went home happily, though wet because of the rain. I went to say hi to my younger brother and to tell him of a happy experience, but what I received was a terrifying news.

He told me that a high school schoolmate was raped and killed near UPLB. (http://bit.ly/obHGBr) I could imagine her struggle that I was deeply bothered. Due to worry, I could not sleep. I’m a nobody to her life and she may not even know me by face since I was a batch higher to her, but the first thing that I had in mind was… why her?

To the one who did this cruel thing, someone is waiting for you down there. Ask for forgiveness as early as possible. It is not “us” who could give justice, but you. God would be the one to judge you, maybe someday… or soon.

He gave me her name, but I really could not recognize her until I searched for her in Facebook. Given Grace—it was a beautiful name that the name itself reflects the feelings of her parents when she was given to them by God.

She had a short-lived life, but I know that she had a wonderful one. Her wall could be seen by everybody, and I recommend to everyone who may not know her, or who may know her but did not have a chance to get close to her, to read her posts. Her posts were filled with happiness, encouragement and the like, that even if you did not have a chance to talk to her or at least meet her personally, you’d ask… Why?

Mind you, I’m just a schoolmate. I’m not her orgmate or her friend or her best friend or her sibling or her parent. How much more if I were?

“You were born because you are going to be important to someone.” —This is one of her latest status updates, and truly, it is obvious that many would miss you, and is missing you already.

What are your thoughts?

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